What is rexOS?

rexOS is a cloud-based operating system for Augmented Reality applications. In contrast to traditional operating systems which are built to interact with the computer, rexOS is designed to let you interact with the real world.

We at Robotic Eyes are leading experts in the field of Augmented Reality applications with strong focus on back-end services. Our tailored mobile devices focus on specific use cases, whereas our back-end services build the backbone or the rexOS.

Mobile devices or tailored glasses enable users to enrich the real world with additional information.

rexOS mitigates developer’s challenges to create new experiences interacting with the real world. The core of rexOS consists of micro-services each one serving a single purpose. As an example, 3D model placement and sharing with other users is an intrinsic functionality of the rexOS core system, as well as user management and authentication. rexOS is built by developers and for developers who want to get traction in the new era of ubiquitous computing. In that new field, information is attached to the physical world rather that stored somewhere on a storage.

Leverage AR and cloud technologies

Do not reinvent the wheel, and leverage technology which already exists. rexOS is an on-going venture which focuses on core technologies required for building engineering grade AR experiences. Although Microsoft, Apple, and Google offer AR SDKs - MRT, ARKit, ARCore - you need more than a mobile app to run serious AR applications. Our cloud-based platform offers various components which are required by any AR-based application.

The main rexOS components for building tailored AEC solutions.

rexOS architecture

We designed the rexOS architecture in a way to be extensible for various use cases. The foundation of rexOS is the cloud infrastructure providing required resources such as computing, storage, and network. With our fully automated continuous deployment scripts, we are able to deploy on any cloud-based system (e.g. Azure, Google cloud, AWS, or on-premise infrastructures).

A top-level view on our rexOS architecture.

The business logic is provided by a set of micro-services running within the cloud environment and providing well-defined interfaces. Data is typically provided by REST APIs, however, we also support messaging broker for asynchronous communication.

rexOS is not isolated but can be configured to work with external cloud-services. We can either integrate external data source, or utilize other platforms such as Autodesk Forge.

On top of rexOS, we have a wide variety of mobile components which are integrated in custom-mobile applications. Web apps typically offer data management (managing account, projects, payment). Our services can also be directly used from within existing applications by plugins. One example is the REX Instant AR SketchUp extension.