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main features

OAuth2 authentication

Secure user authentication builds the backbone of our system. rexOS is using the standard OAuth2 protocol.

Data management

rexOS is data centric. All data is securely stored and any user generated data is stored in one place.

3D geometry engine

Visualization requires geometry. rexOS has its own 3D geometry processing engine for mobile rendering.

Multi-user collaboration

In rexOS users can collaborate and share information. This allows a multi-user AR experience.

Asynchronous messaging

Devices and services need to communicate using events. rexOS offers different messaging systems.

Permanent positioning

Data in rexOS can be attached to real world anchors. This allows for permanently position any information.


Static content if often not good enough. Animation or even simulation is one part of rexOS.


rexOS is exposing REST APIs for developers in order to integrate the technology into other applications.

Software we offer

Pick your software of choice to work with rexOS



REXview is a universal AR viewer for any AR content that was managed by rexOS.



OpenREX is the open source specification and toolkit for working with REX files.



The GoREX library provides a client implementation for the rexOS API in Go.

REX Instant AR

REX Instant AR

Install the SketchUp extension and present your SketchUp creations like nobody else.